nTop Live: Panels & Covers for Car Interior | 3D Texturing for Industrial Design Pt.3

screenshot from video

The interior of a car is styled both for practicality and comfort. Its design must fit with the overall aesthetics of the car but also be personalized to the customer. A next-level industrial design technique to achieve this is to create custom 3D textures.

In this nTop Live, Andrew Reitz, Product Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to design your own parametric 3D textures in nTop Platform to create an aesthetic visual language. As an example, he applies these custom 3D textures on automotive panels and covers.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Create parametric “texture units” that blend between different basic shapes in space
  • Control key aspects of your texture by creating a custom built-in logic
  • Modify your texture using control variables to achieve aesthetic or performance goals

Access the files used in this session here.

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