Enventys Develops Next-Gen Head Lice Treatment Device with nTopology

screenshot from video

Enventys Partners, a full-service product launch company, was approached by Flosonix, a cutting-edge head lice treatment medical device company, early in its development stage. Flosonix was looking to develop the next generation of lice treatment device. Since low annual production volumes were expected from the start of the project Enventys Partners turned to use additive manufacturing as a means of production.

A consistent pain point for the device operators was the treatment head used by technicians. As design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) became the driving force of the product development, an opportunity was created to rethink the head and allow for better usability and better patient outcomes.

Enventys Partners used nTopology to design the head with otherwise impossible geometries, part & feature consolidation, texturing, lightweighting, and more.

Join this webinar and learn how nTopology was used alongside a Stratasys Origin One printer enabling Enventys Partners to develop a next-gen head lice treatment device.

Watch and learn how to optimize for technician usability and optimal patient outcome including:

  • Internal part lightweighting
  • Rapid and robust finger guard design
  • Improved user interaction directly out of the printer enabled by texturing


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