Simulation to Reality: Using Additive Manufacturing Solutions to Optimize and Print

screenshot from video

This is the third installment of the Journey Through Advanced Manufacturing in 2021 Webinar Series.

How do you take a seemingly impossible design from concept to an actual part? By working together with designers to make the additive manufacturing (AM) process as successful as it should be. In this session, ANSYS and EOS will discuss the build process optimization and the successful printing in the first attempt. 

 Watch this webinar to: 

  • Discover how we took a redesigned heat exchanger from a computer simulation to an actual aluminum part using EOS software and the EOS M 290 industrial 3D metal printer.   
  • Review the AM simulations used to optimize the build process and support design.   
  • Learn how to build better parts more efficiently and properly utilize 3D printing, as this can be achieved better today than it ever has before.   


Mohammad Masoomi, Application Engineer II, ANSYS
Jon Spragg, Senior Applications Engineer, EOS