How to Refine Topology Optimization Workflows in nTop Platform

Video showing how to refine topology optimization workflows in nTop

Topology optimization is a powerful tool for lightweighting. Yet, not all optimization algorithms yield the same results. nTop Platform gives you the ability to control every aspect of the topology optimization process to adjust it to your needs.

In this video tutorial, Evan Pilz, Customer Success Engineer at nTopology, gives tips and best practices to help you fine-tune your topology optimization workflows in nTop Platform. You will learn how to select the most suitable value for each input parameter to get truly optimal topology optimization results.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Select an appropriate value for the “boundary penalty” parameter
  • Define passive regions to protect critical areas of your designs
  • Adjust key topology optimization parameters to suit your needs

To learn how to build a basic topology optimization workflow in nTop Platform, watch this video.

Download the files that Evan used in this presentation here.

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